DIY Lego brick hairclip

Upcycled Christmas ideas #2

DIY Lego jewellery

Can you remember my Lego men magnets? As I had a few more Lego bricks at home I decided to turn them into jewellery. I discovered Lego jewellery a few years ago, absolutely loved it, but couldn’t understand how anyway would buy this as it’s so easy to make at home. On top of that everyone probably has some old Lego bricks at home. The handful of bricks I’ve got left wouldn’t really be enough to give them away in their original condition, so instead they became individual little treasures – DIY Lego hairclips and rings.

All you need for this is:

  • a couple of old Lego bricks
  • glue (This one is plant-based, free of chemicals and comes in a refillable glass bottle)
  • a blank ring and a blank hairclip

… and now: glue it and let it dry! That’s all it takes. In the meantime you can design a little gift box for your jewellery. I used an old cardboard soap container and glued scrap fabric around it.

Lego hairclip Lego ring jewellery jewellery box jewellery box