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DIY Lego magnets

The world’s coolest fridge magnets

Looking for an easy-peasy present for your loved ones? Before you hit the high streets, go through you old stuff. There are so many great things you can do with old toys – Lego magnets for example.

As I’m a huge Lego fan, these are my favourite magnets. I know that the idea isn’t all that new, but I was so excited about my little Lego man magnet (which goes in someone’s advent calendar this year 🙂 ) that I just had to share my experience with you. This is how I made my Lego magnets: I used the following three things:

Lego man, glue & magnet

Lego man, glue & magnet

I just glued the magnet (I re-used an old blank magnet) to the end of a Lego brick and a Lego man.

lego instructions

I let it dry for 10 minutes (I used a hairdryer to speed it up)…

Lego - instructions2

… and my first DIY Christmas present is done.

Lego magnets

I can’t wait to see Lego landscapes on my friends’ fridge doors!

By the way – I stumbled upon these awesome Lego ideas on Buzzfeed, you might want to try out some of them.