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Creative break

Hey everyone,

you might have noticed that I haven’t posted anything for a week. After more than a year of posting articles twice or even three or four times a week, I need a bit of a creative break. I will be back with more plastic-related stories, recipes and ideas in April. If you get bored in the meantime, check out my column on The bird’s new nest. The next article for “Mein (fast) plastik-freies Leben” will be online on the 10th of March.

See you in April!

A little break


Bin it where you bought it!

Why we should all leave excess packaging at its origin

Too much to throw out?

In my most recent article on The bird’s new nest (text will be online tonight) I remembered the first time I tried to shop plastic-free. The most frustrating thing was that I often got fooled by eco-friendly looking packaging – for example plastic layers hidden in cardboard boxes. As annoying as this was, I figured out what to buy and what not to buy pretty quickly.

Sometimes it helps if you shake or squeeze the packaging carefully (you can hear the plastic inside), but this method doesn’t always prove to be successful. So even though I’ve got enough experience at buying things without plastic now, it still happens to me from time to time that I accidentally end up with a double-packaged product. So what to do? My advice is to dispose of the excess packaging as close to its origin as possible – in this case the shop where you bought the product. All supermarkets in Germany provide recycling bins (as far as I know this goes for most other European countries, too), so it’s not a difficult thing to do. Of course this doesn’t make the packaging disappear, but you can set a sign that you don’t want and need several layers of it.  On top of that the shop has to face the problem of higher costs for higher amounts of waste.

This is only a very small step, but in my opinion it’s the best thing you can do if you buy an overly packaged product – plus it doesn’t fill up your bins at home. I know that some of you might find it a bit controversial – of course it’s always better not to actually buy anything overly packaged – but I’m a pragmatic person. Small steps are better than nothing!

So what do you think about this? Am I being to pragmatic? Have you ever left excess packaging at the supermarket? Would love to hear what it’s like in your country.

ingloriousplastics on the road

Well, actually “on the road” might imply that I am physically travelling, which I’m not. I did, however, broaden my horizon: That means from now on you can find my thoughts on plastic on The bird’s new nest, a green lifestyle magazine.


My first text on The bird’s new nest went online today. I’m so excited! Here’s the link. So if you can understand German, I would be happy if you checked it out and left a comment. P.S. I’m sure you will find loads of other interesting articles there as well!