upcycling ideas for Christmas

Upcycled Christmas ideas #1

DIY glass jar candle holders and pen holders

This year I’m skipping the queues in the shops – not only because it’s a real challenge to go Christmas shopping when you want to avoid plastic packaging, I also feel like there are so many beautiful things you can make out of trash. I am even starting to collect some of my friends’ and parents’ trash, as I’m kind of running out of it – big Christmas upcycling projects seem to require a lot of glass jars and tins. So here are my first two ideas: upcycled DIY glass jar candle holders and pen holders.

[SPOILER ALERT: As I mentioned in my last post, if you happen to be a family member or a friend you might want to stop reading here. If you don’t mind getting a rough idea what might end up under the tree for you, you’re more than welcome to continue reading though.]

I used beautiful Finnish marimekko fabric for the first two pieces which I got about a year ago (I don’t know if it’s still available). In a more sustainable approach I will use scrap fabric or maybe even old clothes next time. I don’t think it needs much explanation. Just cut the fabric and glue it to the glass jar and tins. Et voilà, the first Christmas presents are done:

DIY candle light holders

candle light holder