wallet made from rice bag

A rice bag in his pocket

Finding a plastic-free wallet

I’ve been wanting to buy my husband a new wallet for a long time. As leather or fake leather (that’s basically plastic) weren’t an option I started to look for alternatives. I found cotton wallets, but they looked extremely hippie, something I was sure wouldn’t exactly match my man’s taste. Without knowing about my search I suddenly received an email from a fellow blogger. Almuth had spotted a really cool stall at a Christmas market that sold upcycled bags, hats, interior design and wallets. They are made of old rice, coffee bags and other packaging, flip-flops or car tires. I looked it up online and I knew: This is perfect.

upcycling deluxe wallet

So thanks to Upcycling Deluxe my husband’s got a stylish, cruelty-free wallet made from an old rice bag – which couldn’t be more perfect for him, as he’s a chef and he loves rice. Technically it’s not plastic-free, but made from old packaging – so even better actually. As I was so happy with their service and the design I decided to share this with you. Maybe someone else is looking for a new wallet, too?